For more than 50 years, the Molinari family is always by your side

We are specialized in the design and production of roadside assistance, depannage, forced removal and vehicle transport equipment. Our products are the result of careful testing and refinement that, over the years, have allowed us to guarantee our customers a unique and professional service. Thanks to the know-how of our team and the quality of the materials used, we have become an important point of reference for our customers in Italy and worldwide.

Customised equipments

Made in Italy

Skilled and trained staff

Innovative projects

International network

A wide range of Depannage Vehicle Equipment


Our company was founded in Brescia in 1960, thanks to the Molinari family’s passion for carpentry and particular focus on technological processes. This has led us to grow and acquire skills and know-how in the creation of special fittings for roadside assistance.

Today, we call ourselves craft masters in the production of powerful custom-forged special vehicles, and we carefully study all stages of the process: from design to assembly and testing. The use of the highest quality materials and precise working methods ensure that our machines are stable, powerful, and tolerant to high weights.

As breakdown vehicle equipment manufacturer, we provide a team of highly skilled technicians, who have years of experience and passion for their work. Chassis modifications, structural upgrades and implementation of systems are just some of the process steps that lead us to produce high-value machinery, which we commercialize internationally.

Quality is certified

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the certifications we have obtained over the years: ISO 9001:2015

Issued in 2004 by the World Certification Service (WCS) and confirming the high quality standards of our organisation and management system.

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